September 26, 2009


real doodle~( -0-)~


Brownie Major said...

Shorter Critique:

Dog - The drawing has a lot of dynamic energy. It's good how you have the dog leaning forward a bit, and you have the two purple bands receding in perspective. It gives the drawing a sense of speed and energy. Only thing I'm not really fond of is the dark purple. Seems like it's the wrong shade, doesn't quite work with the rest of piece. I know it's only a doodle, just saying ;)

Whale - Jiyeon must have some interesting dreams at night. Only thing I might say about this one, is that it might be better to have the chimney smoke drawn more like the clouds. The clouds all have that sort of half-transparent border, I think it would've been better to have the smoke drawn in the style of the clouds rather than a solid colour like the stars. But that's a nitpick. Overall it's very interesting, the composition is good and I really like the background texture, it's really the most interesting part of the piece but its not too strong so you don't notice it unless you look. The viewers attention is still centred on the whale as it should be.

Where can I buy this for my wall? ;)

J Han said...

wow........u wrote essay!!!!!

Brownie Major said...

Yeah, I'm very verbose sometimes(verbose=lots of words). I hope you don't mind, just trying to help you out even though you draw a lot better than I do. ;)

Katherine Lim said...

they're soooo.. AMAZING O_O.
makes me want to eat a Popsicle lol.
they make me so happy XD