October 31, 2009


Rough concept design ...


Brownie Major said...

Oh wow lots of updates.

Hmmn, I like the basic idea though the drawing could probably be a bit more refined. I realise it's just a rough concept and all.

I like the head and the tail but the body seems a bit odd. Well the face is a bit messed up because the nose isn't centred. Given the space between the eyes and the sides of the head it should be more towards the right eye.

The tail is cool as I said but the body's a bit odd. I think the hind legs are too big, it looks more like a rabbit than a cat. Also the line of the back is a bit all over the place. I would have it more of one round line from neck to tail or maybe have two straighter lines in sort of a V shape as opposed to the round from neck to legs and then some big square shape. Also the near front paw is a bit too large compared to the other.

Anyway, I know it's just a rough and the colours and everything are very nice. Just some things to think about if you want to develop it further.

J Han said...

yah i should develop the body part~
u r the only person who visits my blog ㅠ0ㅠ kkkk

Brownie Major said...

That's because I have no job and have free time. When I check my blog I usually click on everyone's link, yours included (under "HARU"), so I visit them all.

Sometimes you have to comment on your friends blogs to get people visiting yours. So if you have some friends at Sheridan (those twin girls?) you can visit their blog and say "oh looks good" then they visit yours and they say "oh looks good". :D